Would Oprah make a good president?


I dont think any democrat makes a good president, but she would probably be the best of the bunch they have to choose from. I dont think she will want to go from popular and loved, to half the country against her. Trump did it, but he has proved to have incredibly thick skin.

The left harps on about Trumps perceived instability and mental illness, hers is documented.


I want my free car!

She has a history of giving away free stuff. So no, but Dems would love her to be especially former Sanders supporters!

About the same as Trump.

Well she had a TV show

No , its not in my DNA - Oprah Michelle Obama would make a great potus.

She reminds me of Vermin Supreme except for giving everyone a free pony shell give everyone a free car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d_FvgQ1csE

No she would be awful like socialist anti-American friend Mr.Obama.

We need a president who has political experience and knowledge of both domestic and international affairs.

Sure - Shes far more qualified than Clinton, Biden, Sanders, or Warren.

Let me give you a little history lesson. Trust me, it wont be boring. George W. Childs was a self-made millionaire (like Oprah!). He was an orphan who, like lots of Dickens heroes, used hard work and honesty (like Oprah!) to make his fortune. He co-owned his own publishing house at the age of 21. Ten years later, he bought a faltering daily newspaper, The Philadelphia Public Ledger. He promised his employees that he would never ask any of them to do anything he wouldnt do---and he made good on his promise. He seldom left the office in the first year of his ownership, and did anything that needed doing---running the presses, even sweeping the floors and washing the windows! He was also (like Oprah!) extremely good to his employees--giving them benefits like pensions and Christmas bonuses ($100 per employee---in the 1860s!) . In two years, The Ledger was turning a profit, and Childs became known as a philanthropist, giving huge sums to hospitals, orphanages and other charities. As you might imagine, this attracted attention. In 1888 (a presidential election year), a group of prominent Philadelphia businessmen arranged to meet with Childs in his Ledger office. They offered a proposal---anyone who could do so much good without acquiring enemies should run for President. The visitors offered their political and financial support. Childs, for his part, was blindsided. I will not campaign he told them, and if elected, I will not serve. I am only a businessman who has never held public office. I believe that Oprah, who I genuinely admire, is every bit as intelligent as my hero, George W. Childs!

No, but not an AWFUL one.

Im a democrat but no. Id rather vote for a good, decent republican candidate than another TV personality.

President of the Obama fan club? Sure


No. I think there is a difference between some other celebrity and Donald Trump


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